Still partying like it’s 1999

The year is 1999 in Rotterdam. Three people got together with a desire to do great work and have fun doing it. They had an idea that this whole Internet thing might just catch on. Some said they were crazy but Maximum was born.

Armed with ideas and faith in this new digital miracle, they decided to create a new kind of employer branding agency. One that knew how to reach and connect with audiences to help clients have a more direct and meaningful relationship with talent. One that put technology next to creativity at its core. One that understood the new rules of engagement and what they meant for employers and candidates. Also, one that never lost its sense of fun.

And we are still here today, stronger than ever. With over 70 amazing people working out of six offices across three continents and five time zones, we can proudly say that we are the market leaders in The Netherlands and Greater China, and have the largest agency footprint in Asia.

We’ve grown, won new projects and accounts (and lost a few), and collected some awards along the way. New people have joined and some people have gone their separate ways, but one thing has never changed… our commitment to each other, our clients and creating things by challenging ourselves to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

But it’s easy to talk the talk. We’d rather show you how we’ve walked the walk.

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We are T-Shaped people.

T-Shaped people have deep skills in one area (the vertical shaft of the ‘T’) and collaborate broadly across disciplines (the crossbar of the ‘T’). This means we can use deep employer marketing skills to work together with you to reach your communities and audiences across a broad range of media channels.

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Hard work pays off.

DPOK Award 2015 -

Effie Awards - 2014 - Silver

SPRA Awards - 2014 - Silver

CIPD Awards - 2014 - Nominated

CIPD Awards - 2014 - Nominated

SJP Awards - 2014 - Magnet

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